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Sunday, December 24, 2017

The St. Roger's Passion: A Pink Floyd Oratorio

An oratorio scenario inspired by Pink Floyd.
by Paul J. Pelkonen 
(with apologies to Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason)
Lo there is no dark side of the moon. Art by Paul Klee, Hipgnosis and Gerald Scarfe.
Dark Side of the Moon symbol © 1973 EMI Records
So today I was talking to a friend who is singing at the Kennedy Center tonight. She referred to it as singing "at the KC". I said, "Oh, you're singing King Crimson?" because I'm a smartass.

She said, "no the Kennedy Center. I'm singing about sheep."

It is to her I'd like to dedicate this little holiday offering, a completely made up outline for

St. Roger's Passion: The Pink Floyd Oratorio.

Part I: The Peaceable Kingdom

In which the Pigs, Sheep, and Dogs attempt to form a peaceable kingdom behind a great Wall and manifest themselves as Roger, Syd and David.

Lo, Behold the Pigs Upon the Wing (Chorus)

The Gathering of the Sheep (instrumental)

Take Up Thy Stethescope and Walk (madrigal) 

The Herding of the Pigs (aria, bass)

The Waiting for the Worms (aria, soprano)

The Marching of the Hammers (Andante con brio)

The Dogs of War (male chorus)

Part II: The Signs of Life

In which the story of young Syd is told, a tale of tragedy and madness.

Shineth On, Thou Crazy Diamond (Part I, II, III)

Wish Thou Wert Here (aria, tenor)

The Blues of the Jugband (Lento)

The Psychedelic Breakfast of Alan (Allegro con brio)

The Fearless Climb Upon the Hill (Andante, motet)

Mad Scene: One of These Days I'd Like to Cut You Into Little Pieces--Echoes (Allegro-Andante)

Shineth On, Thou Crazy Diamond (Part IV, V, VI)

Part III:  The Bell of Divisions

In which the noble kings David and Roger cannot reconcile their differences.

On Thy Turning Away (Aria, bass)

Money it Doth Be a Gas (Scherzo)

For We Stand at Poles Apart (Alla Marcia)

'Tis a Great Day for Freedom (Largo, chorus)

Thou Are At a Loss for Words (tenor solo with chorus)

The Hopes Are High but the River is Endless. (Aria, soprano)

Coda: No Dark Side of the Moon There Art (spoken)

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