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Our motto: "Critical thinking in the cheap seats." Unbiased, honest classical music and opera opinions, occasional obituaries and classical news reporting, since 2007. All written content © 2018 by Paul J. Pelkonen. For more about Superconductor, visit this link. For advertising rates, click this link. Follow us on Facebook.

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Superconductor by Paul J. Pelkonen is a bespoke classical music and opera publication offering concert reviews, opera reviews, opinion, music commentary, news items and the occasional April Fool's post. Written and published by New York-based music journalist and critic Paul J. Pelkonen, Superconductor has drawn recognition for its coverage of major arts organizations in New York City and elsewhere.

Superconductor offers regular coverage of Carnegie Hall, the New York Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera and Lincoln Center. We also cover events at the 92nd Street Y, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and smaller companies in and around the five boroughs. In summer months, our coverage expands to Tanglewood, the Bard Festival and Glimmerglass as well as Mostly Mozart and Lincoln Center Festival closer to home.

Superconductor also covers events in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. extending its reach to audiences in those cities, the Midwest and Europe. With an average four-figure readership even on days that the blog does not publish, it is the quickest, easiest way for your organization or concert series to reach the widest possible audience.

Superconductor readers include conductors, violinists, composers and music industry insiders along with music-savvy New Yorkers and opera lovers. Superconductor posts appear on parterre.com, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

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Critical Thinking in the Cheap Seats

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Since 2007, Superconductor has grown from an occasional concert or CD review to a near-daily publication covering classical music, opera and the arts in and around NYC, with excursions to Boston, Philadelphia, and upstate NY. I am a freelance writer living and working in Brooklyn NY. And no, I'm not a conductor.