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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving!

Some holiday thoughts from Superconductor.
by Paul J. Pelkonen
Milhouse and Lisa Simpson meet Tom Turkey on The Simpsons. 
Image from Treehouse of Horror XIX, © 2008 Gracie Films/20th Century Fox.
It's Thanksgiving here and I thought it might to be time to stop in the middle of hurried holiday travel packing (we're going to Connecticut and to Friday's concert at Boston's Symphony Hall) and give thanks.

Thank you for reading this blog. And if you've been here for all of its nearly seven years offering classical music and opera coverage and criticism, thank you.

If you're with an arts organization I cover, a composer I know, a label I work with, a conductor I've covered, thank you for supporting Superconductor whether through ticket availability, your time in an interview or your efforts on the stage.

If you're an advertiser or potential , thank you for your support and please feel free to help us "decorate" for the holidays with ads for your event or venue. This has been a banner (heh) fall for the blog and thanks for being part of it.

Thanks. Normal service resumes tomorrow. Have a happy and a safe one.

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