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Friday, December 14, 2012

Lay Down Your Guns

Some words from Emerson, Lake and...Powell.

In light of today's tragic events in Newtown CT, I wanted to share this lyric, from the underrated 1986 progressive rock album Emerson, Lake and Powell, recorded by the group of the same name. Due to Carl Palmer's commitment to the band Asia, he was replaced by the late drummer Cozy Powell, allowing ELP to keep its famous initials. This lineup only recorded one album together.

This was a song (and a record) I loved as a kid and today it's particularly relevant. It's also the last I'll say on the subject of Newtown on this page. 

Unfortunately, YouTube does not allow the video file of this song to play in the United Stated due to copyright issues with the Universal Music Group. However I have included a link included to Amazon.com in case you'd like to hear this for yourself. The lyrics are below the fold.

"Lay Down Your Guns."
(Music and lyrics by Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Steve Gould © 1986 by the artists. )

Lay down your guns I come in peace
No need to run my friend into the trees
We've been through this so much before
But still we get it wrong.

Lay down your guns, and stand up strong

Lay down your guns and feel no regret
Life is too short my friend, best we forget
No matter how we rise and fall
And how our love is torn,
We'll stand up high above the storm.

And still our passion calls
And the juices fall like rain from the sky
We have to understand we're the flame
That feeds our desire.
God knows we must survive.

Lay down your guns and hold on tight
We'll prove the world is wrong and get it right
No need for you to worry now the best is yet to come
Lay down your guns and stand up strong.

And though the cut is deep
We can heal it, trust me and keep
Your spirits high
It should be easy now that we've talked it over
And God knows we have to try.

Lay down your guns just don't say goodnight
We'll prove the world is wrong, and get it right
And even in your darkest dreams
Some things you can't foresee
Lay down your love, lay it all on me.

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