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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Putting Ideas Together II

Ed. Note: Sometimes, a cow is just a cow.
Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd from the album of the same title.
Written and performed by Pink Floyd. © 1971 EMI/Harvest.

"The most important tip I can give anyone is this: Never abandon literal silences; rather, endeavour to generate your uniquely-rational commissions. It is plainly obvious that the act of transcribing serialist themes causes one to become pre-conceived (and sometimes even passive), which is why I deny this approach, preferring instead to simply improvise radically. As a rather minimalistic composer, I yearn to suggest, and contextualise contemporarily-transformative juxtapositions, an approach that features prominently in my recent meta-progressive works. 

"My aim is simple - to transcribe all acoustic multi-gestural-pitch-classes, whilst simultaneously (and quartally) developing the idea of 'electroacoustic-texture-frequencies'. To put it concisely, the transdisciplinary forms of any given texture must never clash with the ultimately complex endeavour of transposing choreographies wherever possible. Combining experiences, tritones and transcriptions (as well as diversely layering developments), my overall aesthetic is that of the 'aleatorically-orchestral' 
school of pseudo-radical development."

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