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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Dune "Messiah"

Dune: Messiah. Original hardcover art by Jack Gaughan
(With apologies to Georg Friedrich Handel and Frank Herbert, whose Dune novels have provided endless hours of entertainment along with a good recipe for grilled, spiced giant sandworm.)

The "Kwisatz Haderach" Chorus:
from the oratorio Dune: Messiah,
written in the year 10,163
by Gringolet "Floyd" Handball.

This was discovered in a sheaf of withered documents inside an old Chianti crate in the cold storage room at the Bay Ridge Institute For Music and Elocution, located on 71st St. and Fifth Avenue.

(and yes Peter Schickele, I owe you a debt too.)

Kwisatz Had'rach! Kwisatz Had'rach! Kwisatz Had'rach!
Kwisatz Had'rach! Kwisatz Had'rach!

Muad'dib shall lead the Fremen to fre-edom

Paul Atreides! Paul Atreides! Paul Atreides! Paul Atreides!

He shall save us from nasty Harko-ohnens
He's our savior! He's our Mahdi! He is Usul! That's his nickname!

The planet they call Dune
The wasteland roamed by worms
And for the Spice, the Spice is Nice
And he shall ride the mighty Shai-Hulud
Mighty Sandworm, Old Father Eternity!

He came here! From outer space!
|: He came here! To this forsaken place! :|
He let our people go!
And he shall ride upon mighty Shai-Hu-lud!

Paul of Dune! Galactic Emperor!
Rider of worms!
Kwisatz Had'rach! Kwisatz Hadrach!

And He shall rule for just fifteen ye-ears
|:He'll buy it! In the next book!:|
And he'll go blind wandering in the de-sert
And Dune shall run for ever and e-ever
Read the sequels! Read the prequels! It's a franchise!

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